30 Cheap and Easy Home Improvement Hacks To Simplify Your Life

home improvement hacksWe all love home improvement hacks to make our lives easier. We’ve compiled some of the best home improvement tips and tricks to improve and organize your home. To do these hacks, you just need some regular everyday items that you already own. You will just use them in new and interesting ways. So, if you want to simplify and improve your home life, these hacks are the perfect solution.

  1. A hinged painting is perfect to hide the thermostat. No more ugly wall with this life hack.

hide ugly walls with hinged painting

  1. A comb makes the perfect nail holder. You can also do this with a clothespin as well to keep a nail in place.


  1. Use electrical tape to spruce up your washing machine or dryer. Every room needs a little style, even the laundry room. This could also be used on your white kitchen appliances as well.

tape on washing machine

  1. Use bread clip holders to easily organize the plethora of cords in your home.

bread clip for cords hack

  1. This is a fun twist on decorating. You can use an old laundry basket for polka dot walls.

laundry basket painting

  1. Create more space in not-so-spacious living quarters by building yourself a flip-down wall desk. You can create a work space organized to hold your essentials without taking up too much room.


  1. Use a clip to hold all your groceries at the same time. This is great if you live in an apartment.clip for groceries
  2. Another great grocery hack is to use a rubber band to keep your door open. Handy when you’re carrying in groceries.

rubber band door

  1. Wine racks make great towel holders if you would rather use them for decorating instead of holding your wine!


  1. Store away crockpots, space heaters, fans, or more without the annoying cord mess. Attach a strip of Velcro to the device and its cord and voilà! Life made simple.

velcro your cords

  1. Easily heat up leftovers at the same time with this microwave level hack.

microwave hack

  1. Add Velcro to your remote and coffee table to make a permanent spot for your remote control.


  1. Use a squeeze bottle ketchup top to vacuum your computer keyboard or other electrical devices and small spaces.

ketchup vacuum hack

  1. Put a stocking over the vacuum hose to find lost earrings or other small items.

vacuum hack

  1. Finally a solution to the food storage hassles. Simply add a wire CD racks to divide and conquer your plastic lids.

cd rack for tuppaware

  1. Another way to use a CD tower is to turn it on its side to make a great bathroom organizer.

bathroom organizer

  1. Put a rubber band around a paint can when painting to catch the drips from the paintbrush without getting your paint can all dirty.paint bucket hack
  2. Also, while painting, use Press’N Seal wrap instead of having to tape everything.

paint press and seal

  1. When you paint a room, put some extra paint in a baby jar and keep it handy for quick and easy touch-ups.

baby jar paint

  1. Use an extra shower curtain rod for extra storage in your bathroom.

bathroom hack

  1. To find the end of a tape roll easily, use a paper clip at the end of the roll.


  1. Save space in your closet by using soda tabs to offset your hangers.

soda tab hanger hack

  1. Use a can opener to open thick plastic packages without cutting yourself.

can opener plastic hack

  1. Just another reason to keep wine on hand. White wine will get out a red wine stain in your carpet.

red and white wine hack

  1. Use a rubber band to unscrew a stripped screw.

stripped screws

  1. Glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer so you don’t have to hold your nails in your mouth.

hammer magnet

  1. Foam noodles in your garage can save your door and the wall.

pool garage hack

  1. Save money while cleaning by using fuzzy socks on your Swiffer broom.

swiffer socks

  1. Plastic hangers make great storage for cords.

cord storage hack

  1. Keep wrapping paper from unrolling by using toilet paper rolls and cutting one side then slipping over your wrapping paper.

tp tube xmas paper


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