Tips To Stay Healthy This Spring!

Spring is finally here and the last thing any of us wants is to experience health challenges that reduce our enjoyment of the beautiful weather.  Taking full advantage of the season means getting and staying healthy.  It’s time to shake off the dreary days of winter and revel in the sunshine and renewal of spring.  Here are some tips that will help!

  1. stay healthy with exerciseUpdate or begin an exercise program.  Many of us kind of give up on exercise in the winter months.  This is especially true of those of us who prefer exercising outside.  Even if you have been diligent about your exercise program this winter with indoor workouts, spring is a great time to get back out and connect with nature.  Runs, walks, hikes and bike rides are great ways to get in your cardio while enjoying the season.
  2. Upgrade your diet.  Spring is an excellent time to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, which should be a staple in your diet.  Visit the local farmer’s market, explore the produce section of your local grocery store or even consider starting a garden of your own.  Adding in seasonal fruits and veggies not only connects you with this time of year, but it’s also an awesome way to boost your immune system and give your body needed vitamins and minerals.
  3. Get a jump on allergies.  If you experience seasonal allergies, you may be dreading spring as much as others are looking forward to it.  Don’t let allergies ruin the season for you!  There are a number of natural remedies for allergies, including the neti pot (which rinses out your nasal cavity and reduces congestion), eating locally produced honey and more.  If these don’t work, you can try wearing a paper mask when you’re outside and doing tasks like mowing the yard or gardening.  If you’re still miserable, don’t just live with it.  Go see an allergist for help.
  4. sunscreen protectionRemember the sunscreen!  While we should all be wearing sunscreen year-round to protect our skin, most of us are much more exposed to the sun when it starts getting warmer out.  Now is the perfect time to make it a point to apply sunscreen every day—not just when you know you’ll be relaxing on the porch in the sun!  Not only will this help reduce your chances of skin cancer, but it will also help guard against wrinkles, sunspots and other issues that can prematurely age you.
  5. Drink your water!  Water is excellent not only for hydration, but also for flushing out your system, for making sure your body is working efficiently and for warding off fatigue and headaches.  Springtime often means more activity and more activity requires more water!  Bring a water bottle with you while you’re on the go and encourage your kids to do the same.
  6. drink water to stay healthyCleanse!  Spring cleaning is a big theme…and there’s a reason why!  Everyone wants to feel free and unencumbered when the season starts.  What this means to each person can certainly be different.  To some, having a house that’s decluttered is important.  For other, a full-body cleanse is more appealing.  Still others want a cleansed schedule that removes many ‘to dos’ they no longer want cluttering up their schedule.  Decide what type of cleanse will make YOU feel the most free—and DO IT!

Springtime should be a time of renewal, of rebirth and most of all—enjoyment!  Stay healthy this season both mentally and physically to ensure you can enjoy spring to its fullest!



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