Top 4 Mistakes for the Newbie Blogger

So, you’ve decided to keep an online account of your thoughts, concepts and ideas that run all over your head? Great! Finally, you can see a virtual evidence of the things you are most passionate about. But if you’re new in the blogosphere, you have the passion but you don’t know the rules, you’re set up for failure. As a newbie blogger, here are the top four mistakes that you should be careful not to make:

top 4 mistakes of the newbie blogger

Not Having a Grand Plan for Your Blog

The grand plan should encompass everything: from the design, posting schedule, marketing tactics, email capturing mechanisms etc. If you don’t know everything yet, that’s alright, but make the effort to educate yourself before launching your new blog. Don’t worry, you will learn as you go along. You need to provide direction for your blog which will not just guide you as its author but also your readers. You want to give your blog purpose and this purpose should resonate in everything you put into your blog.

• Focusing Too Much on SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is important to any website or blog, but not as much when you’re just starting out. We understand that you’re just trying to learn the ropes, but SEO should not be the first priority. SEO can overwhelm the new blogger with tricks and fool him into making keyword-stuffed content that doesn’t make sense or connect with the blog’s grand purpose.

If you really want to get seen right away, or really don’t understand how SEO works (don’t feel bad – it’s a complicated system of algorithms that not many understand), feel free to enlist the help of an SEO expert. However, keep in mind that SEO companies will charge you for their time but will generally get you ranked higher.

blogging mistakes

• Focusing too Much on Yourself

Every blogger wants his community to grow. You may want to connect with similar-minded individuals to exchange sensible dialogues with or grow your readership so you can sell to them in the future. If your blog is going to sound like “Me, Myself and I,” you will fail to grow your blog, increase your readership, and may even lose the existing ones.

Why? Because readers are looking for content that’s valuable, helpful, and relevant to them. Your take on the current showbiz news may be interesting but if it is not going to help solve your readers’ problems, they’re likely to unsubscribe. The trick here is to look for patterns in the web and in your niche and see what readers are clamoring for. If you can make a really interesting and helpful content focusing on the needs of your readers, then that should be a very great start.

• Plagiarizing

If you’re about to copy an intelligent sentence from another writer, hold it off. Plagiarism is a big offense in the World Wide Web that can have very heavy consequences. And being a new blogger won’t exempt you from the rule. You may find inspiration from other writers but always come up with your own original content. Also, take your own pictures if you can. It may help to understand the copyright laws, how to cite references, and get creative content.

Launching a new blog can be a very exciting stage for many people. By being mindful of your content and your readers’ needs, you should be able to make the connection that you’re looking for. Blogging can be complicated, but you will learn as you go, so educate yourself with basics for now and try not to  overwhelm yourself and your readers.


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