The 5 Best Ways to Capture Pet Photos

Photography by Dogtography by Kala Howard

Photo credit: Dogtography by Kala Howard

Pets, in all their adorable furry glory, can easily immense into the family. Your four-legged friend deserves its own frame on the wall just as you would frame any other family photos so use these tips to make sure that your pet’s personality stands out and the quality of the photograph will do justice to your love and affection for your pets.

Photographing pets can become quite a challenge. Unlike humans who can pose the way you direct them to, your best bet in getting really good pet photographs is to be ready when that “moment” strikes. However, with a few pointers and tips, you should still be able to take amazing pictures of your dog or cat, bird or pig, bunny, or lizzard that will be worth hanging next to your youngest child’s photo.

Say No to Flash

Flash, especially indoors, can present your pets in the most horrible perspective. Aside from shadows, flash can produce the red eye and raccoon effect which does not make your pet look flattering. As much as possible, use natural light and prevent the use of flash. Additionally, some pets tend to get scared of the flash the first time you use it on them that they become scared the next time you take out the camera.

Some pets, like cats, feel more comfortable indoors and flash becomes a necessity. If this is the case, use a diffuser to provide soft flash or redirect somewhere else. Never use flash straight on your pet. Otherwise, try to use the natural lighting of windows in the house to avoid the flash altogether.

Be On Your Pet’s Level

To capture your pet’s expression and important details, level up or down with your pets. This literally means you may have to crouch down to your dog or cat’s level so you can capture its fur, eyes, ears, and whiskers. Close-up photos provide your pets their own personalities rather than photos of them running in a wide landscape where they come off so tiny they become insignificant to the overall composition.

Choose a Good Background

Pet photography generally requires minimal background so that the focus is automatically directed to your pets. The white walls in your room, the basic red couch in the patio, or the green lawn outdoors should bring out the details of your pet without stealing the show from them.

Use Tricks

It may be challenging for your pet to do something for you and capture it on camera so having a few tricks on your sleeve should help. You can use small treats to get your dog to look at a certain direction or command him to sit or stand if you want to. Squeaky toys and phone apps mimicking animal sounds are also useful to keep your pet’s attention as you shoot too.

pet and family photography omaha ne

Photo Credit: Studio C41 Photography


But Also Get Candid

Rehearsed shots are good, but the candid ones are great too! Candid photos present your pets in their most natural and comfortable state. If you want to capture your cat’s natural habits, let him sleep on his favorite chair then take a photo. Let your pet play, eat, and interact like normal in their natural setting.

Your task is to be alert and ready to document these activities without prodding your pet to pose for you. Capturing your pets on the lens may be quite challenging because they can be unpredictable, but this just adds to the fun! But if you intend to get professional-looking photos of your pets, you need to consider hiring a professional pet photographer to bring out your pet’s personality.


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