5 Tips To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

From Thanksgiving Dinner in November to a slew of parties and get-togethers in December and January, it’s so easy to forget about being healthy for a while during the holidays. But, you don’t really need to compromise your health and still enjoy the season. Staying healthy during the holiday is mostly a matter of conviction, mindset and being flexible.

5 Tips To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Indulge on the Most Special Holiday Treats

You can easily pile at least 5 pounds during the holidays due to general overeating and you may only regret the food choices you made after you’ve seen your expanded waistline, a more rounded face and dangling flabs. It may be hard to resist all the sumptuous food, but if you must spend your calorie allocation, spend it on the most special treats. Choose your mom’s Christmas Pie over store-bought pastries. Opt for food that you only get to enjoy on such occasions over food that you can buy from the store any time of the day.

Snack Healthily in Between Meals

With friends and families around, it’s normal to have erratic meal times during the holidays. You may suffer from spikes in blood sugar if you were used to fixed eating schedules which leads you to overeat. If you’re likely to have meals two to three hours later than what you’re used to, keep some healthy snacks handy, such as banana and peanut butter, a pack of pistachio nuts or sliced fresh fruit to curb your hunger and control your appetite come meal times.

Protect Yourself from Sickness

The holiday is literally a cold season. It’s so easy to pass and receive germs and viruses through parties and even while travelling for winter. If you haven’t got the flu vaccine yet, you must get one now before holiday guests arrive. Also consider getting a good dose of supplemental vitamins, particularly Vitamin C during this season, to boost immune system. Wash hands often, especially when preparing food. Bring a sanitizer and antibacterial wipes with you to disinfect your hands and wipe commonly used items like doorknobs, arm rests, your purse or phone, and seat belts. If anyone is already sick, ask them to use personal protective equipment such as a face mask.

Allot Time for Exercise

Don’t compromise physical activities even if it’s the season for merry-making. You may cut down exercise time, but it’s not a good idea to give it up altogether. Walking and running are good forms of exercise, as well as manual chores like cutting down your own Christmas tree or gathering wood for the fireplace. If it is too cold outside, consider doing yoga or simple ball exercises inside your home.

Drink Wisely

The holidays also make good excuse for senseless drinking but don’t fall for this trap. Aside from the hang over you’re likely to nurse the following morning, you also easily pile on pounds from the bottles of beers or wine you had last night. Always keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and alternating alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You can always opt to have sparkling water or a mild cocktail during the party. Give yourself some downtime from drinking and whip yourself up some healthy smoothies in between.

It’s easy to go overboard with eating and drinking, forget physical activities or catch diseases during the holidays. But you surely wouldn’t want to spend the rest of the holidays cooped up in your bed with flu or wallowing in depression with the sight of your holiday pounds after the parties. The holidays can still be enjoyed by being conscious with what you eat and how much you drink, as well as being vigilant with your health.


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